Plexis - Orthographic Survival Game

Hey guys!

Since March 9th, I’ve been working on my very first game, Plexis. Plexis is an orthographic 2.5D survival game. The idea sparked from my love for both video games and the survival genre. Technically, I have worked on a game before. The game was called Elements and it was a Terraria clone-type game. But, unfortunately, a lot of that game was somewhat copy/paste and I was a little too young to have the patience to actually learn what I needed to and I didn’t “know” how to enjoy simply writing the code. Last summer, I began doing some more research on things like Photoshop and the math that goes into a game like this and I found it very interesting. Since I’ve started working on it, I enjoy every part I write (and this is a solo project). It’s just fascinating to see what you code can appear on screen, like an image or an entire user-interface. Also, this is my very first time working in Photoshop and I am very proud of what I’ve created so far in terms of UI. Here are the previews:

When you type a name >=3 letters, the “Create” button appears in-case there was any confusion on that.

All of the icons on screen are just taken off of Google except the hotbar icons but none of them are trademarked or anything like that. They are all free to use but are just placeholders. The tilesets are just placeholders as well.

All of the assets BESDIES the icons and tilesets I mentioned, are mine, which is also a very nice feeling. Plexis has no current single-player story or anything, it’ll just be start and play. Multiplayer is planned as well. I don’t have a current list of all of the features within the game thus far, but the features as usual does not do the amount of code justice xD Anyways, this will be the main thread I keep updates at and such so if you like this project or appreciate the work, I invite you to follow my progress :slight_smile: Watching projects grow on Java-Gaming made me want to begin game-development and I appreciate this community so thank you all. If you have any questions or suggestions or constructive feedback, please reply :slight_smile: