Placing a Swing JComponent inside an LWJGL Display

thinks to himself okay J0, this is the last time you begin a new thread in Newbie questions

Hi lads! And good afternoon! :smiley:

First a little background; I’m currently coding a game that will have an RPG part and a Puzzle part (and a few other surprises but I leave that to the featured page in which I will post about that game once I’m finished). I don’t know if this would help, but maybe you can think of it as a Pr Layton game, in which you were able to move around in town, and solve puzzles. It’s not exactly the same type of game, but you get my point.

Anyway, I already coded some time ago my Puzzle part, using Swing, which was the only graphical library I knew at that time. I more recently began coding the RPG part, but, since Swing was too weak to make that work, I switched to using LWJGL, based on the advice of some people around here :slight_smile:

So we can now say I have an LWJGL Display in which the RPG (as well as every other) part shows up pretty smoothly and looking nice to me. On the other side, I have my Puzzle JComponent, all alone in its Swing shell. Yup, that’s right, like a tiny, shy turtle. ::slight_smile:
Hence my question: how can I make my JComponent appear inside my Display? :persecutioncomplex: The Display is full screen and the JComponent was made adaptable so it should acclimate to a full screen state very easily, if that is of any help.

I searched a lot on the internet before coming here to ask how to do it, unfortunately it appears that a lot of people ask about trying to make LWJGL fit inside Swing, and not the opposite. Which is why I came to think that doing what I want to do is either completely dumb, or super easy to achieve. 8)

THANKS A LOT FOR ANY ANSWER ;D (woops capslock)

J0 :slight_smile: