Pixelartist for Prism Puzzle [Android Game]

Hi, I am Diganta, an Android game coder.
I am recently looking for a pixelartist for my
ongoing project named
Prism Puzzle.

I am looking for someone who is relatively beginner or would like to be involved in the project as a hobby or to gain experience.

Prism Puzzle : I started this project in January
this year alone. I am
working on this project alone as the programmer and have almost
everything done (with
great , great, great difficulty because I am very
bad in pixelart)
before the first prerelease version. But the GUI
and background art
which I have made is almost stupid and looking
I want the artist to design the GUI elements (such as
buttons , menus) and
background arts .
The Game is a logic (puzzle game) for android
smartphones. In the
first prerelease version there will be 15 levels
(this version will be
free) and then we will release the original pro
(paid) version
consisting of 50 levels. So I want you to first
work with me on this
pre-release version and then
we will work on
the pro version together and can work by profit
(More info and working version of the project if you are
Waiting for positive reply…

  • Diganta

[If you are interested in the project , please feel free to mail me at : chocolategamesdev@gmail.com ]

You need to tell more about your project so people might become interested to work with you. What do you offer? You should start by adding a description about your project, and some screenshots if possible.

Sorry, my post got partially posted… I have modified it… Hope this helps