Pixel Zombies

Not a very creative idea by any means for my second game. I wasn’t really going for a creative game because this game started out as me just trying to learn OpenGL via LWJGL. I was originally going to make a little town game where you interacted with humans walking around, but I decided that basing a game off of an old game I made in Scratch, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Sammidysam/2342918 would be fun. When I discovered Slick2d, I gave up on that and decided to use Slick2d. I think I’ll just use C#/C++ to learn OpenGL so that when I use Java I’m using it to make games rather than play around with OpenGL. So, as I mentioned earlier, this game is my second game - the first using OpenGL. The premise of this game is to kill the most zombies. It is very far from complete, but I have decided to share it before I rewrite most of the code. The reason behind this is because the code is REALLY bad. I really should’ve used methods and overrode them but I didn’t, so I am planning on going back and fixing that. It will take a long time however. You can use a gun (with bullets) to kill zombies or a knife. Both are effective options. Other humans besides you can also pick up knives and guns. You move with arrow keys or WASD and point knife/gun with mouse. To shoot, you just click in the direction you want to shoot. There is no sound yet, but I’ll probably add some sounds later.

Other humans move before space is pressed to start the game


GitHub Repository:

Download Link:

I love how the zombies are just little faces! haha!

Well, maybe the zombies got mutated so much they lost their bodies. :smiley:

Then how the hell are they even walking?
What form of dark magic is this!

I have replaced the old download link with a new download link, that uses a launcher. Now, upon start-up (via double-click or run.bat, either works. run.bat just allows you to see the progress as it will be printed to the console) the launcher will download a new .zip if a new one is available or if there is no .zip already on the computer. This means that you will never have to update again! You might like to update the launcher if I find a more efficient way of doing something (I might update it today or tomorrow), but otherwise, you will never have to update manually for the rest of having this game on your computer! :smiley: This launcher was made with the library that I made for game auto-updating/patching which is in the Network & Multiplayer forum.

The launcher has just been updated with a better version of the library and now it won’t try to run the .jar if it doesn’t exist (this could occur if no internet is detected the first time you run the launcher in the past).