Pixel art? Creating pixel art from image!?

Well i am not an a great artist and i need help. Here’s the thing i have an image

and i need someone to be kind to make me player 48x48 pixel art up,down,left and right. Thanks!

That’s a bit of a tall order. I mean, obviously you want this for a game sprite (since you want all 4 angles). What are you going to do when you have to make everything else?

I suggest taking the time and learning to do it yourself. Due to the basic shape/design of the character, it shouldn’t be that hard to do (just time consuming). :wink:

Me truing to be an a artist! Not good!

It’s a start. :wink: Now look up tutorials and what not on shading pixel art, and bring it to life!

It actually looks very good. Only the tip of the staff looks a little strange, but that can easily be fixed. As Ray said, some shading would go a long way, especially at the bottoms of his robe, under the arms, and the tip of the hat. You have a great outline to work with, now you just need to give it life!

Here’s some helpful pixel art resources!

Now animating will be painfull!

Looks great (and evil :wink: ) but i’d work on the wand a bit - make it straight. Or is it a snake that the wizards will throw at his enemies? :wink:

this is what i i did :\ dont like it!