Well… another pitfall… I know that we had an entry last year. In fact I’m using the same idea but my challenge is to fit all 255 pitfall screens in 4k! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that… want to know your opinion about it. It’s basic a remake of old pitfall for Atari.


It’s not complete yet… missing collision detection and other few things.


com.sun.deploy.net.FailedDownloadException: Unable to load resource: http://localhost:8080/static/games/java/Pitfall4k/pitfall4k.jnlp

Update the jnlp.

same here…

Works now, but why is it signed?

hmm… that was in my template… now I’ve removed it.

Now it’s not signed, but it’s still asking for permissions - try removing the tags from the JNLP.

ok, now it should be working.

any comments about the game???

Not really complete, but running around sure is fun ;D