physics scribbler


I made a puzzle game where you draw physics to get the ball in the cup.

There’s a lot of these types of games on android and wanted to have a go.

Used libGDX and an open source post-processing library.


Instructions: tap and drag to draw

That is pretty cool!

hey thanks :slight_smile:

This is really great game:).

Did you use some physics library?

Ty! I used box2d, it comes as an extension with libGDX.

wow, simple but addictive

A couple weeks ago I reached 100 installs on Android, far more than any other game I created so I decided to work on an update.

Version 2.0 is out now on Android and I have also updated the link to the runnable Jar with the new version.

Thank you to everyone who gave it ago on either platform! Enjoy.

Here’s what’s new!

►Game play
:black_small_square:13 new levels
:black_small_square:adjusted and redesigned several levels
:black_small_square:removed level time limit
:black_small_square:levels can be refreshed at any point now
:black_small_square:added background music
:black_small_square:simplified menu
:black_small_square:users can now swipe to browse levels

:black_small_square:new fonts
:black_small_square:new high resolution level images

:black_small_square:reduced screen transition delay
:black_small_square:polygon count has been reduced