Persism 1.0.1 Released - A zero ceremony ORM for Java

Hi Everyone!

Version 1.0.1 is available now on Maven.

  • Added support for UUID as generated key for PostgreSQL
  • Added support for UUID for other supported DBs (mapping to String or byte array)
  • Added support for sql.Time, LocalTime, LocalDate, LocalDateTime
  • Added support for BigInteger
  • Added support for MSSQL/JTDS money and smallmoney types (mapping to Float or Double)
  • Added support for ENUM type in the db - mapping to Java enum (PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2)
  • Added warning when using a primitive type mapped to a column with a default in the database
  • Added AutoClosable implementation to Session
  • Updated test mssql jdbc driver to 8.4.1
  • Updated test H2 jdbc driver to 1.4.200
  • Removed null waring about sql type 1111 (Other) will just be considered Object
  • Fixed java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException occurring if you have LocalDateTime and DATE (not time) type in the DB
  • Fixed missing Derby keyword delimiters
  • Fixed issue where objects using Persistable interface would have all columns updated in some cases

Thanks everyone!