Pause the game until key pressed

Hello JGO community! newb here.

I’m using LWJGL to create a small game that should have the ability the be paused (preferably by ESC key) and unpaused (the same way).
I’m guessing I could do it with threads wait/notify but I was hoping there would be an easier method.


How about skipping the game ticking if the game is paused.

boolean isPaused = false;
//The update method
public void update() {
  if (isKeyDown(KEY_ESCAPE))
            isPaused = !isPaused;
  if(!isPaused) {
    //update the game

I’m quite new to this too, it’s just an idea.

Here is my keyboardhandler class.

public class KeyboardHandler {

	public List<Character> charsPressed = new ArrayList<Character>();

	public KeyboardHandler() {

	private void processInput() {

		while ( {

			int key = Keyboard.getEventKey();
			boolean state = Keyboard.getEventKeyState();


			toggle(key, state);



	private void toggle(int keycode, boolean state) {
		for (Key key : keys) {
			if (key.keycode == keycode) key.toggle(state);

	public void tick() {


		for (Key key : keys) {
	public void releaseAll() {
		for(int i=0;i<keys.size();i++) {
			keys.get(i).pressed = false;
			keys.get(i).down = false;

	public List<Key> keys = new ArrayList<Key>();
	public Key KEY_W = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_W);
	public Key KEY_A = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_A);
	public Key KEY_S = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_S);
	public Key KEY_D = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_D);

	public Key KEY_CTRL = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_LCONTROL);
	public Key KEY_R = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_R);
	public Key KEY_T = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_T);

	public Key KEY_K = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_K);

	public Key KEY_V = new Key(Keyboard.KEY_V);

	public class Key {

		public int keycode;

		public boolean down = false, pressed = false;
		private boolean wasDown = false;

		public Key(int keycode) {
			this.keycode = keycode;

		public void toggle(boolean bool) {
			down = bool;

		public void tick() {

			if (!wasDown && down) {
				pressed = true;
			} else {
				pressed = false;

			wasDown = down;



You need to call KeyboardHandler.tick method every time you update your game. Key.down is a boolean which says if key is currently down. Key.pressed is a boolean which says if the key was pressed.

well, yeah I suppose I could do that. didn’t think of it :slight_smile:

what’s the difference between a key that is ‘down’ and ‘pressed’?

Key Pressed should just be the Moment when they Key actually pressed while Key Down repeatly is true when the Key is still Down

pressed only happens once. When you press key. if(!wasDown && down) that will trigger once when they key wasn’t down and is down.

down is always true when key is down.