Parasite Escape

My entry this year has you play as a horrific brain parasite trying to escape from a space base. Leap from brain to brain and outwit the humans to reach the next sector. Try it out:

Solicitations for feedback:

  • Any crashes?
  • Are the instructions understandable?
  • Is it fun?

the instructions tooke me a while to decipher, but the game is fun and challenging.

Nice idea.

I needed some time to understand what to do but then …
IMHO I don’t like to “realistic” shooting. When I aim a person I want to shoot in that direction.
Also the movement was quiet hard for me and the sound was annoying =)

But the concept is really nice and the look and feel too!!

I agree, cool concept :slight_smile:

Instructions I had no luck figuring out first time, and took about 5 plays of the game to figure out exactly how you are meant to play. Maybe you can put a couple of words on the instructions to signal what the different icons mean? Deciphering them without playing the game is basically impossible.

I also found the controls a bit difficult though I am using a pretty crappy laptop mousepad here :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: The pictorial instructions were a bit of an experiment, so I’ll definitely add some text to them to make things less incomprehensible.

Can you describe in what way you find the controls/movement difficult?

Good game. Been playing it some more after I finished my review.

  1. Some freezes happen, I think on level 4, but not sure if it’s just one level.
  2. Instead of pressing ‘E’ simply have left mouse to shoot gun and right mouse to do parasite jumping.
  3. Projectiles (bullets and “glob”) don’t travel in a straight line, so it’s difficult to be accurate. Do the projectiles have a max range? Maybe also show trajectory path to make it a bit easier.
  4. A way to skip between levels because of game freezing or level being too difficult.

I had fun after reading the instructions and complete the 2 first levels.

But I suggest a “mute music” option :wink:

  1. I’ve had freezes on levels 1 and 2.
  2. That’s how it works already, isn’t it? I’m sure I was using both mouse buttons to play it.

Oh… I just thought mouse buttons fired bullets. Maybe the glob and the bullets need to be a lot different. In fact why not show the parasite as it was jumping between hosts instead of a bullet projectile?