Pantless Hero

Hi everyone, I come to present to you our first project at Caldera Games, which is Pantless Hero in development since a year.

You can also find all the information below on our website :

(We are french so excuse me for my imperfect english)

The idea for the scenario was inspired by an anecdote from Naheulbeuk (french fictional audio adventure).


Pantless Hero is a 2D platform game mixing elements of RPG and exploration/adventure. Explore and storm vast and complex galleries of cave, ruins of an old dwarf mine. Brave all the dangers that took place since then, in order to accomplish your noble quest, that is none less than retrieving your most precious possession (a sumptuous mithril pants) stolen by a vile Troll.

Your are the pantless hero and it’s time to change that !

The main influence of Pantless Hero are the Dark Souls and Castlevania series, for the challenging fights, ingenious progression and platform mechanics. The ambiance of that kind of game fits perfectly.

Supported languages: English, French
Release date: TBD
Developer: Caldera Games
Editor: Caldera Games
Genre: Platform / Adventure
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Mode: Solo
Programming language: java + opengl (lwjgl) and some xml

- A world to explore : The underworld of Pantless Hero is huge, illustrated by rich detailed pixel art. There is always a corner to visit, a hide to discover and mysteries to solve !

- Combat system : It is not enough to rush on your enemies swinging your axe in the air to be victorious. You will need to fight strategically most of the enemies by timing your offensive and defensive tactics according to your opponents’ behaviors.

- Items to collect : Gathering items scattered everywhere in the game is essential, either to help you in your progression or make your life easier. A rune system, rewards from succeeding difficult events, allow you to improve a set of skills. Various mushrooms can be gathered and consumed to benefit of temporary buffs. And many more to discover.

- Random components : Many aspects of Pantless Hero change at each game, either like the visual aspect of the mushrooms or the position of some items and enemies, you should always keep an eye open! An supplementary challenge is offered in addition of classic dungeons with dungeons created randomly following predefined formats. Bigger rewards at the end!



1920×1080 1600×900 1366×768 1280×720 | 1920×1080 1600×900 1366×768 1280×720

1920×1080 1600×900 1366×768 1280×720 | 1920×1080 1600×900 1366×768 1280×720




This is the Pantless Hero OST playlist, all the new tracks will be uploaded there.

Role: Co-founder, Graphist, Game Designer, Web Designer.
Description: Passionate by pop culture like video games, as well cinephile and interested in art in general. I’m oriented in the creation domain as autodidact, as well as game development.

Vivien « Hanksha » Jovet
Role: Co-founder, Game & Web Programmer, Game Designer.
Description: I live in the Philippines where I finish a degree in Computer Science. Very curious, I believe in self-education, which lead me to game development where I express myself through various programming languages.

Rowan Sgarlata
Role: Composer, Sound Designer.
Description: Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, having a bachelor in digital and interactive media scoring. Inspiration mainly comes from Nobuo Uematsu who composed the Final Fantasy Series. Currently composing for video games, tv shows and films. My Soundcloud.

Nexus Borjal
Role: Animator.
Description: A gamer at heart. A Filipino multimedia artist who specializes in character design, pixel art and animation. A lot of great games inspired me to work in the video game community. My DeviantArt.

There is no public demo available for now, we are about to start a private alpha testing. We hope to be able to sell the game on Steam.

-Wandering through the caves-

-Well deserved rest at a bonfire-