amazing story… Pacman got lost in Pitfall land! You must find all treasures! It has all 255 original screens of Pitfall.

It’s almost finished. Pending items:

  • Count down timer
  • Draw snake/fire
  • Better player drawing (maybe adding animation but I think I don’t have enough room
  • Review all 255 screens, I’ve already noted some minor bugs when drawing specific screens

Please post your comments.

I just can’t believe you included all the original Pitfall! 255 screens ! So the ladders have been replaced by elevators ? And although I ran a few screens, I haven’t found any gold bar… Is that normal ? And if there is no gold bar, what is the aim of the game ? Going through all 255 screens ?

It would be nice if you could flip the pac man sprite…

Courage to finish it !

As you can tell from my icon, I am a big fan of the original Pitfall!. Your game still needs work, but you’re heading in the right direction.

Check out my ASCII port here: The page discusses how the map is encoded.

@StephR, Thanks a lot. Yes I replaced it by elevators. I’m still fixing all screens. The aim of the game will be the same as the original, collect all treasures before 20min.

@zeroone, ok… I spent at least 10 hours wondering how could I describe the screens in 255 bytes and now you send me that link. My encoding is very similar, I have all described in the source code. That’s funny. Your ASCII port is really impressive. I’m also a big fan of Pitfall, it was the first game I ever played.

***luisoft, these elevators seem so strange… Although they are well done ! Why not some ladders like in the original game, each with an invisible intermediate platform to let the pac man jump to or from it ?

And sorry for missing the gold bars ( or bricks… ), maybe I didn’t go far enough to find any… And what about replacing them with pac-dots, and once in a while a stamina pill which would make the player invincible for a few seconds ? Maybe this is what you have already done, unless you plan to do so.

It was only some suggestions, if it can help…

***Zeerone, the article on your site about the making of Pitfall! by David Crane was amazing ! As a fan of this game and ever more of the sequel, I found these informations very valuable. Too bad I couldn’t play to your ASCII Pitfall, as “3.5 NET” is not installed on my computer…

[quote]***Zeerone, the article on your site about the making of Pitfall! by David Crane was amazing ! As a fan of this game and ever more of the sequel, I found these informations very valuable. Too bad I couldn’t play to your ASCII Pitfall, as “3.5 NET” is not installed on my computer…
Thanks. Install .NET (if you are on a PC). ;D

My computer is actually a PC with Windows Vista on it… I will try to install this “.NET” next week-end !

hey, I am getting some problems playing ur game.

I can play all the other webstart games, but yours gives me the following message :

Tab General :
An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: Pitfall4k
Vendor: L.F.Estivalet (luizfernando_estivalet [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Category: Unexpected Error

Unexpected exception: java.lang.Exception

Tab Exception :

at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.continueLaunch(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.handleApplicationDesc(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.handleLaunchFile(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

any ideas ?

that’s weird. What OS are using? What JVM?

Windows XP , JRE 1.5

ok I have submitted to java4k web site but it was not published yet… hope there’s no problem

cool, game, VERY frustrating though. the elevators are imposible to use.

yes I have to agree… if I have some time I’ll replace those elevators by the original ladders… thanks for playing it.

ladders added in replace of the elevators. Please give another try and let me know your comments.

why my game is not being listed in web site? I have submitted it on Feb.21 :persecutioncomplex:

There is a glitch. ti thinks I am on the ladder still if I go to the top of the ladder and go left or right. I can got through the ground!!! I also cannot jump. this made it so I could not mkae ti very far.

how were you able to do that? When you are at the top of the ladder you should press right or left arrows to leave the it. Jump is not enabled while you are in the ladder. Also the left and right arrows will be only enabled if you are at the top or at the bottom of the ladder.

here is a screen shot.

As I mentioned above, I am a big fan of Pitfall! so I might be a little harsh in my review. The color scheme is definitely consistent with the original Pitfall! Did you choose to combine it with Pac-Man sprites because you feared that you couldn’t fit in the original graphics? When you jump, you should move in a parabolic arc due to gravitational acceleration; however, jumping is linear in this game. The 20 minute clock has been replaced by with a progress bar. Does the bar tick down over 20 minutes? I can’t really tell. Since you don’t jump in an arc, I can’t even jump over stationary logs (red Pac-Man characters) without getting injured (losing time?). The map seems accurate. The scorpion (the white Pac-Man) should always move toward the player instead of just marching back and forth. You should be able to jump off of a vine. You really run slowly in this game. The shifting tar pits also shift very slowly. I got the first treasure on screen 12! There is no sinking animation if you fall into a water or tar pit. When you hop out of a ladder, the player doesn’t appear to pass through the hole (the ground is drawn behind the player). After you are killed once, the red progress bar is reset which implies that it is not a timer after all. There should be a Game Over screen when the player loses all lives. How about randomizing the background trees on each screen? Did you verify that it’s possible to get all the treasures? The running to the left trick works well in this game.