I looked up all over the place if you can sell a game you made with openJDK and cant find a direct clear answer. The posts I’ve seen that brings it up are just a bit vague on the answer and never just a yes or no. If you are like, where have you been? Living under a rock? Well apparently yes… yes I have been. I went to start up a project again to find that since I used Java 8 last there is all of a sudden Java 12 now along with openJDK. I also went to try out openJDK 12 cause I never minded upping to the next versions and was like ooh new and shiny! Couldn’t even compile a dang project, what on earth are they even doing anymore… It doesn’t like libgdx or something but that’s not what I’m here for. The chances of completing a game is slim to none but just on the off shoot I did… it would be nice to know that I could sell it. So… could I sell a game for money… without a commercial JDK license using openJDK? First I can’t make browser games anymore and now this… F

Yep, OpenJDK is free to use, and you can muck about with the contents too, provided you link back to a repository of your modifications.

Our stuff is distributed using OpenJDK on Mac and Linux.

Only recently have we made the move to JDK11 though - it’s a colossal PITA because of the module system combined with poor IDE support. We’ve gotten around it by, er, not using modules.

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As princec say, OpenJDK can be used for commercial games without paying for any license.

The workaround I’ve been using for development: in Eclipse I forego modules, in which case (if I understand correctly) the project is treated as a single module that makes use of all of Java modules.

Then, you can still make a .jar, and then follow this tutorial for building a customized runtime using JLINK.

And Inno-Setup 6 (for Windows) or this MacOSX hack can be used to make an installable.

I’m looking into revising the tutorial I wrote on command-line modular compilation, updating for JavaFX 11 (OpenJFX 11 is the LTS, and also can be used for commercial games), and will see if there is a better way than “crash-surfing” to figure out the contents of the needed

I assume the folks supporting/promoting LibGDX would have tutorials by now on how to use their library with the major IDEs. My first guess is that (with Eclipse) LibGDX would be added as an external jar or library in the build configuration, possible on the Module Path instead of the Class Path. But I haven’t looked into this since I don’t use it.

Oh wow I remember that avatar. Thanks for the reply, good to know. Like I said it just seemed like they tried to make it as unclear as possible at least from the places I was reading. I also found out what was up with the error compiling earlier as well. Not ready to move to Linux :D, it’s just so hard when doing anything on it is so much more tedious. Compiled it on my dekstop with windows 10 with the same version of Java with no issues except for the chastising of libgdx for doing something it didn’t like, just a warning though. One day you will be my main OS Linux, just not this day.


I assume that’s just the joke of the day, isn’t it?

Well, he’s basically right… it is tedious AF. I use it every single day and honestly it’s just crap compared to Windows, still, after all these years. And Windows isn’t very good.

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I agree. Typing passwords all the time is so tedious. I tried to enable logging in as root on desktop ubuntu to avoid typing passwords but gave up. Also I’ve had updates break the OS twice, and the trackpad driver on laptops rarely works properly.
Though these problems are all desktop related. Server wise, I’ve had a great experience with headless linux.

Maybe you should choose your Linux distribution more carefully. Sorry for the off topic.

Not all of us get to choose. (FWIW - Scientific Linux at work, recently EOLed, and Ubuntu for Puppygames).

After many, many years of doing this, my Grand Takeaway is: Shell scripting sucks. Configuration files suck. Terminals suck. Repositories suck. Navigating filesystems without any UI at all sucks. All terminal based text editors suck.

Want to know why Windows won? Because you don’t have to script anything. You don’t have to use a terminal. You can install anything with a double-click and it won’t hurt anything else (well… usually :P). You never have to edit a configuration file by hand. Windows file manager sucks but it sucks 1000x less than having to navigate blind with cd/cp/mv/rm. Notepad++ is the dog’s bollocks and draws the comparison that Notepad++ is to vim as Java is to Malbolge.

I could go on. This is the world we are stuck with. Much like how git has somehow won the hearts and minds of developers around the world despite it sucking - Stockholm Syndrome in action.

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But what’s wrong with git? When I was in a company that tryed to be a web-site factory and we had bunch of projects, it was huge help.

/mumbles something about over-complicated nuclear-sledgehammer-to-crack-small-nut user-hostile macho-geek bullshit

The thing I love most about git is how everyone learns how to do the equivalent of balance a ball on their nose with it but the moment that ball falls off everyone panics and doesn’t know how to fix it.

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I see :smiley: Well I don’t remember alot about how we set it up, I’m sorry, only remember panic when you pushing something in wrong branch :smiley: /macho-geek

Maybe you just suck on doing computer stuff :stuck_out_tongue: /me runs for cover

Oh, I absolutely do.

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That was a funny rant, thanks PrinceC.
I also dislike configuration files, especially in tomcat webserver. I’m not convinced that random config files with their own bizarre structure and syntax are better than java code which can do the same thing more precisely with zero learning curve. Similarly I really dislike Ant, gradle, and Maven.

There’s only one thing worse than config files with random syntax and structure and that’s config files that use XML.

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Hold my beer.” -IBM

How bad can it b… WHY

It’s incredible they can post that article with a straight face.

Meanwhile, in thjson land:

  name: John Smith
  address: (address)
    streetAddress: 21 2nd Street
    city: New York
    state: NY
    postalCode: 10021
    212 555-1111
    212 555-2222
  additionalInfo: null
  remote: false
  height: 62.4
  ficoScore: " > 640"

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GitHub Desktop?
Helps a fair bit, compared to command line operations.