OpenGL with live wallpapers?


Does anyone have experience with getting an OpenGL context for Android live wallpapers? I’ve seen two methods described here: and am wondering which of the two would be the best approach? Extending GLSurfaceView looks like the easiest method. Anyone tried that before? Is it fairly stable and crash-free?


Have not tried it but extending GLSurfaceView is how you are recommended to make regular apps using OpenGL. I’ve never had any problems with the context/window stuff in regular apps that way.

I’ll give it a go quew8. Just feels odd that it doesn’t appear to be explicitly supported for live wallpapers out-of-the-box; it all looks like a bit of hackery to me. Once I get it done, I’ll report back with my findings for anyone else that is interested.

Well, for anyone interested now or into the future, the first method mentioned in the article that I posted (extending GLSurfaceView and overriding getHolder()) seems to work fine, and is definitely the less complex of the two mentioned methods. I haven’t done anything more with it than clearing the colour buffer, but I can’t forsee any reason for it to misbehave, apart from me corking something up.