opengl javafx 1.2

i would need an opengl canvas for a 3d scene in a javafx interface
I tried jogl 2.0, but unfortunately , did not work as expected (refreshing pb)
have you got a WORKING solution to create an opengl canvas in fx1.2

I know the next update 1.5? will have prism I believe. Though not totally sure what that will include.
I seen posts with Java3D used with JavaFX.

Next update is JavaFX 1.3 and a starting point is coming together to modernize.

hmm, any link to javafx 1.3 please?

I can’t understand why there’s no public roadmap of javafx. We’re in the dark.


I follow this:

159/493 issues done for soMa (1.3).

By looking at the rate of updates, I’m guessing around 3 months?

I wish there was more info for 1.3/Jwebpane/designer app and this prism stuff.

yeah but I need a JIRA account.

I’m looking for blogs or news.