OpenGL in Java - Modern 3D Graphics Programming

Hi all!
I’ve started the Java porting of these tutorials:
This is a recent book entirely written using OpenGL version 3.3.
We have ported the first 6 chapter by now, but when we get time we will do the remaining.
Here’s the source code:


PS. Sorry if my english sucks ;D

EDIT : sorry the link was broken now it is fixed

Thanks for the link to that book as well :slight_smile:

Oh wow these will be very much needed since that’s the link I give to everyone to learn OpenGL ;D

Thanks a ton!

Already see your post on lwjgl forum :wink:

Big hand. I have literally pointed towards that book about 100time. It’s just pure gold.

Thank you all for the unexpected amazing feedback! :smiley:

That’s a damn fine job. Will get me finally learning some 3D graphics :slight_smile:

+1 medal for putting it on github. You planning on porting the book copy to the project wiki on github if the author’s ok with it?

Hi, thank you for the medal :slight_smile:
And thank you for this suggestion, i will keep in mind. For now, we want to complete all the tutorials as a fast as possibile :slight_smile:
Check out the project repository, we added the wonderful tutorial 7 and soon we’ll complete the II part of the book!

Sorry if i resume this topic, but i want to inform future readers that all tutorials have been ported and -most of all- they all work :smiley:

Great work!

Have a medal :slight_smile:

Is there a Wiki page around here that these tuts can be linked from?

Cas :slight_smile: