Open Source Project: Sonic R-emastered

Hello everyone, I bring you an idea I think is nice. As the title says, the plan is to create a free, open source version of the game Sonic R. I enjoyed that game a lot, but it was too short: only a few scenarios to run…

So I want a little team to create a Sonic R clon. The basic idea is:

  • Create characters and scenarios with similar cartoon, low-poly style, but trying to improve the visual aspect in general.
  • Similar character control, with same physics-mechanics. We can discuss some improvements.
  • Balance the character properties so the player can’t clasify between “slow,bad characters” and “fast, good characters”.
  • Duplicate the original Sonic R scenarios, and add some new.
  • Let the user add new scenarios created with Blender.
  • [Discuss] Maybe also add new custom characters?
  • (Local) multiplayer and more game modes.
  • If you have a good idea, say it!

If you’re wondering about copyright problems, don’t worry: of course, we would design and use a different set of characters.

What I can do:

  • Simple programming. I’ve to learn jMonkey to do this project. I’ve used Unity3D and I have programming experience (C++, Java) so I hope it will be a fast process.
  • Music: I’m musician and I compose my own songs. You can find some of my arrangements looking for Victor Seven on Google. :wink:
  • Math: I study Physics and I’ve a great level of math, so I can do everything related to physical models and good integrators for the code.

What we need:

  • Experienced jMonkey programmers.
  • 3D designer, in Blender.
  • Level designer.
  • Enthusiast people!

This work is NOT paid, because is a free, open source project. Also, there’s no strict rules, and no time limit.
If you are interested in the project, please say it :slight_smile: