Online 3D modelers

I’ve been looking into online 3D modeling software. There seems to be quite a few around now, and wonder if anyone’s got an experience of any of them? The one’s I’ve found so far are Vectary,, and TinkerCAD.

I’ve had a go with Vectary and it seems pretty good, but can’t be used for commercial purposes without spending money. I don’t want to spend too much time learning one without being confident I there’s not a better solution or it is missing a required feature, e.g. exporting to common model formats.

Has anyone used any of these?

Why exactly do you need a online 3D modeller?

One where you don’t need to download any software, it’s all on the webpage. e.g.

I’ve also tried TinkerCad and that seems even better, although I’ve only stepped through some earlier tutorials.

Yes… but… why?

Cas :slight_smile:

My main reason is that my home laptop can’t run most 3D stuff, including Sketchup or even anything that uses LWJGL. It can run these though (albeit slowly). Also, I can do it at work (during breaks) without installing anything on my work PC. And since they store models in their cloud, I can easily move between computers and work on the same project. And also, they seem to be much simpler than most other 3D modellers, which maybe isn’t what you want but suits me. :slight_smile:

IMHO these online 3d modelling programs will be much more taxing for your system than standalone applications with the same feature set.

I remember running Blender on some Friends crusty ~15yo Thinkpad, if you can get over the initial hurdle of getting into the control scheme you’re golden.
If it doesn’t run try some older Version. (but don’t go below 2.5 or 2.6 or what was it where they made the GUI better?)

Wait, you want to go easy peasy? 8)

Try kHED, it’s the definition of easy, it doesn’t have many features and you get by without shortcuts at first.
You may need to install the runtime library from microsoft, that they mention on the download page though.

But seriously, try to get into Blender, it actually allows you to create game related content that doesn’t look like shit.
Oh and wait till you work with textures, that will surely be a fun experience with online modelling tools ::slight_smile: Smooth, fast and definitely not frustating workflow guaranteed!

You problem is that many of these older Intel graphics processors do not support OpenGL properly.
If you find a program written with DirectX it’ll probably run.