One month to go!

After starting off with a hiss and a roar things seem to have petered out somewhat, however what has been posted already is more than I would have hoped for.

How many people think they will have a game finished by the 31st?

I definitely will .
Have you thought about judging and hosting of the games ?

Forum poll unless someone wants to put some time into writing a voting thing like Java4K. I don’t really care to much about having a winner and don’t have enough free time to spend writing the page.

Will probably make a thread for the final submission where people can post a jar (preferably 1 per game) and some instruction text. I’ll take them all and try to package them up into a single web page using some javascript to display the instructions for the currently selected game. I’ll host the page on my site and anyone else can do the same.

I will not. I’ve put all my free time into Make 'em Up instead.

I’ll have something ready by then.

It’s a pity there aren’t more entrants (from the looks of things so far). Come on people! :smiley: Twenty-eight days is plenty long enough to knock together a 40x30 Pac-Man or Tetris!


Not when you’re already writing a huge game in your spare time!

Cas :slight_smile:

Even though my entry isnt very good, I consider it finished enough for the contest.

I will probably have my game finished by then.

Although I’ve known about the contest for months, I’m a lazy ass and began my project two days ago, so I probably won’t make it soon enough… Should I add a journal just in case I get it done, or posting it somewhere around here before the finish date will do? I’ll drop it here anyways even if I don’t get it done in time if you don’t mind, just in case somebody is interested.

Although it’s a pretty experimental project, it’s taking less time than I thought it’d take, so I might get it done. I’ll try to make it as playable as posible before the finish date, even if some features are missing.

So 2 weeks left now. Are there really only 6 people who will have something to show?

With any luck, I will too, but work is killing me, and I’m going out-of-town for a wedding this whole weekend… so I’ll probably submit no earlier than a handful of hours before the due date.

Speaking of which; where’s the submission thread? Or is it an email address?

You should probably just make a journal thread like all the other participants did.
Maybe Shannon will set up a submit thread in the end?

That’s the plan, I’ll create a submit thread soon.

I have a pretty playable game right now, so I think I’ll have it ready then. I will probably be correcting minor bugs until the limit, so any minute can be crucial. What’s the exact deadline, Aug 31st - 00:00AM or Sep 1st - 00:00AM?

Sept 1st 0:00am (UTC)