Obama won

In case you live under a rock or quite far from the US of A, Barack Obama won a second term. According to polls, the entire world is happy except Pakistan and just under half of the USA.

Lol, didn’t he win with like 300 to 200 seats or whatever they got. And all the newspapers in Sweden was like "THIS’LL BE THE MOST EVEN ELECTION EVER (Just Like Last Time ™ (And The Time Before ™)).

Yes, but he just barely won in many of those states. Several of them he won by only a few thousand votes. It’s part of why the electoral college is so nutso. It appears that Obama had a run-away victory, but he only had 2.5 million more votes across the country (60 million versus 57.5 million).

Only a few weeks ago it was a much closer election. Shortly after hurricane Sandy Obama’s approval ratings shot back up because he dealt with all that so well. If it had never happened, he might not have won.

Still, Romney was sort of unelectable in the current climate, because he is a CEO who has laid lots of people off. I sort of can’t believe the Republican party let me move forwards as a candidate. Also, him being a mormon actually greatly reduced the southern vote for him.

Oh, right. Doesn’t that mean that it was possible for Obama to get less votes than Mitt and still win as long has he barely wins in just over half the states and completely loses in the rest? Broken system is broken?

Besides, I wouldn’t trust anyone run a country. At least not a human.

Yes it is.

But who would want to change it, and then not get elected, because he changed a big (oh boy, I forgot the word…) “thing”, which was the thing they always did for a long time.

Oh and:

That’s true :wink: Germany: 86% for Obama… (not valuable source, still looking for link… but everything google gives me is america…)

One of the more interesting results of the election is that Puerto Rico voted for statehood. Now it’s not likely they’ll be admitted with a Republican-controlled House (PR votes overwhelmingly Democratic) but then again they could potentially peel off a good size faction of Republicans who might want to do something about their Latino problem.

Oh, and Colorado voted to legalize recreational Marijuana. Time to visit the Mile High City :slight_smile:

Maybe he can magically “change” the US trade deficit and public debt away…

Maybe he can be not a nihilistic psychopath, which is at least better than we can expect from the opposition.

Maybe a “nihilistic psychopath” (that pushes through economical reforms) is what is needed to avoid a big crash of the dollar and thus world economy
in the not so far future.

Lol, you seem to assume that the end of America’s economy literally means the end of the world?

Look in your history book:

(1929 , cough cough)

Or do you have a propper macroeconomical argument against it.

When the US economy crashes it will inadvertly pull Europe and Asia down.

I wonder if he’ll get another one of those peace nobels, I hear the norwegians are very generous on those.


Ah what now?
In the Netherlands we got election almost every year because they keep screwing up lol.

You’re totally entitled to your opinion, but there is evidence that it simply does not work in the current times. The evidence is George W Bush. He started this whole mess, and his economic plans were almost exactly the same as what Romney proposed.

Just please explain to me how a country can avoid being in debt if it doesn’t tax anyone? I never understood that viewpoint. If you’re spending X money, then X money needs to be coming in. I know Romney wanted to reduce the spend so less money had to come in, but he never actually presented, mathematically, enough cuts to support that. Why would he keep it all secret unless it was going to be extremely unpopular (therefore bad, right?) or he didn’t actually know?

If a republican was running for office who actually had a proposal, presented mathematically in its entirety, for cutting the deficit, I’d vote for him. But Romney was not it.

Yeah yeah I am not to happy about this one but w/e

If US crashes then most of the world will take a hit because we are still the big network for businesses. As other countries become less reliant on the US our impact will be reduced. Thing is…I don’t think they ever will be.

Funny thing is, China is no longer buyin up our dept like crazy. They are selling in off like stock because they know we are going overkill.

5-6 trillion in 4 years. Even if you just add that again in the next 4 we are really screwed. Whole thing with the electoral vote is that if Obama won one “battle ground state” he won the election if they were worth more then 12 or something. He was going to win from the beginning. Only thing I am really pissed about is the health care mandates forcing religions to pay for things that go against their faith. In US we have this whole separation of church and state thing…kinda is a big deal.

Anyways there are meh 2 cents. :smiley:

I dont say that Romney presented a very convincing plan.
But 2 points
#1 politicians never actually realize what they promise before election (collecting votes.)
#2 The House of Representatives is in republican hands, effectively crippling the current presidential actions.
with Romney the chances would have been higher to push through needed reforms.

I think that Romney would have had to act pragmatically.
And Obama now is much more limited in his power.

If only we had a health care system that wasn’t up to the whims of employers then. They fought tooth and nail to have that agency of the state delegated to them, they can bloody well follow the rules, and that means not imposing their religious mandate on their employees. Your freedom of religion begins with your own practice of it, and it ends with my freedom from it.

The employer is not required to give any health care. Health care is what some call a luxury. I personally think people should have access to free healthcare if they cannot live without said access. (broken arm, surgeries, etc) but abortion/birth control is not something you need to live.

Here is a fun fact for those Europeans here. According to the US census report, our “poor” people live as well as the average middle class person from Europe. This is based off of living space per occupant, income per occupant, luxury items like internet access, computer, flat screen tv with its size, appliances, cars/car models…etc

I currently live worse then the poor in my country do. Lulz ;D

Also, we can rip on Romney all we want and it is all valid but he had a better plan than anything Obama gave or uhh not gave. Where were his hard mathematics? Neither was good. Neither ever will be. But I think Romney would have been better. Guess I am minority. :clue:

my only question is why is guantanamo bay still open ?
I recall that he promised a long time ago to close it within like 1 month
why would anyone trust a politician, let alone one who is proved that he is lying

but whatever, I pity those who think that the election and position of president is actually of any meaning - its just a big scripted theater…