Number+ is a puzzle game I’ve made for Android, turn based and with no ads or microtransactions and free!

Goal of the game is to touch a number, increase its value by one and create a group of at least four numbers with same value… in only four moves!

Game so far is feature complete, with a highscore record (no ladder, jsut local) a tutorial and published on google play store

Play it now!


  • free single player mobile game for Android
  • play it anywhere, no connection required
  • infinite replayability
  • increasing difficulty
  • create group (vertical or horizontal) of numbers with same value to get more points
  • challenge yourself!
  • easy to catch up, but hard to master!
  • tutorial included

Technical side

  • created with libgdx
  • graphics by gimp (nothing fancy, but this time with a look on usability too)
  • random walk used to find existing combination in matrix’s numbers
  • internal state machice to separate intro screen -> highscore -> play scene and tutorial

Open for feedback as always, my record is 1500 points, are you able to do better ?