Nothing to see here

Move along.

Hangs head in shame and walks away

There is thing to see! Here’s my first nK game: Recurse!

It’s not great but it is 0K!

x.x double whammy

Then… Why don’t you delete this? :clue:

because we have to fatten it up in order for it to be enough for the chitchat monster!

Merry christmas guys

  • Jev

and a happy new easter

…what’s the “chitchat monster”?..

The chitchat monster eats all posts that are too off-topic or have no long-term community value.

It also eats naughty little children who think that they can still distribute applets without having security warnings popup!!!


I just posted in this thread!!!

I see dead people.

“I tried to sharpen a pencil in my bum and now I need a band-aid”
~Bitch Brian, Family Guy : Episode 6, Season 8

You’reY a noob!!!
Sure, I’ll just put it on my credit card. I’m never gonna pay it back anyway.
'Cause I have thirty thousand dollars in credit card debt.
When they call, I tell them I can’t pay it back yet.
Credit card debt.
Tomorrow, I may buy myself a dining room set
Or this Boba Fett!
Peter and Quagmire:
Credit card debt, credit card debt,
Credit card debt!

episode 7 season 12 family guy.

Cookies. Give me cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Cookies.