New game: Robot Unicorn Att4K (message/suggestions/comments thread)

Hello fellas,

the 2010 flash classic is back in a java 4kb version!

Follow your dreams and dance to our favorite music!

Created for the lulz and inspired by all people who made 4kb remakes of last years goodies. It was a hard time optimizing horse sprites and music, everyone have experienced the hard cuts needed for 4kb. There are a few issues in the game and I hope it can be resolved today. Just mind me the last time for upload :slight_smile:



I checked the forums on my phone earlier & was laughing myself silly over the title (I couldn’t try the game then of course).
I like the horse vector graphics animation and that the platforms have curvature. And you got some music in, and managed not to take it out to save space!

a link to the game would have been nice :slight_smile:

Cool. Though I die in some areas where I shouldn’t.

Thank you guys for your nice comments. The game isn’t flawless of course and I made the post before the game was accepted.

Why not have a link to the original game? Enjoy …

I might post a simple application that converts midi file to patterns.