new computer purchase advice

Would the “system 2” at this site be a reasonable computer for libgdx dev?

I’m on a tight budget, but need an upgrade pretty badly. I like working with the folks at this store–they’ve been very good about service and warranty over the years.

The computer I currently have:
Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz, 3GB RAM, definitely wasn’t up to Android emulation via Eclipse plugins.

From the site:

On-Board W/Audio/VGA/DVI / USB3.0
4GB DDR3/1333-RAM(UP to 16GB)
500GB/16M S-ATA3 Hard Drive
Dual Layer Rewritable DVD/CD
Mini Tower Case w/350W Power Supply (In-Win Z589BL+)
USB Keyboard & Mouse(Logitech)
Windows Win 7-home 64bit OEM or Win-8 64 bit (Upgrade to Pro+$85)
Upgrade to: P8Q77-M CSM w/HDMI/USB3/RAID +$80 

i3-3240 3.4G/3M cache LGA1155 CPU 

But a couple upgrade options are available on the CPU.