New 0.9.0-beta2 is out!!!

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… long long time ago …

hi @ all ^^

so many changes since my last visit !
I used the beta2 last week and tryed to test something with the InputAdapterRenderLoop … it is not included there, am I right ?!
So I checked out the latest trunk today and got an error:
in xith-tk org.xith3d.test.gane -> BSPGameTest … internal compiler error ???

… got another problem with the beta2 but I want to test again before posting :wink: so if anyone knows the solution …

Hi, Andre. Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Is there any further info about this internal compiler error?

Could you please register at our (not so new anymore) board. We’re discussing there about Xith and only post things like releases here. Thanks.