Networking & Multiplayer - Resources

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Where are all the resources?

No one has posted anything :S

I remember having a link to an excellent article about real time multiplayer games…I seem to have lost it now :frowning:


For now, this post about UDP vs TCP is very useful :slight_smile:

This also may be interesting:

Good read:

Not Java, but good resource:

Extremely simple tcp server/client example. Great to learn from

Great to learn bad exception and resource handling, as well as cpu munching.


I’m still looking for more resources, but one that had a lot of general networking tips + solutions was the book:
“ActionScript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds”:

They use their own socket server, but they go through some stuff on syncing the client/server, interpolation, lots of stuff that helped when I was working with kyronet. More concepts, and things to think about when trying to work on multiplayer programming.