Networked Card Game Q's

I’d have to say, i’ve never had to run code through a JRE scrapbook just to activate a forum account… :wink:

I have recently been looking into Android and Java, eventually to use them to create a network-capable turn based card game.
I tried asking about this on Stack-Overflow, but I received a pretty broad answer.

I’ve seen a mention of Android game engines? Would that be the best place for me to start?
What are some tutorials for basic and/or networking applications I can run through before trying to make something complicated?

I have varied experience with Jass (warcraft 3), GML (game maker), Html, and Python, so I hope picking up Java won’t be too difficult :smiley:

Thanks JG.

Hey Zhall and welcome to JGO!

Look into LibGDX for a good Android game engine and KryoNet for an awesome network library.

Good luck! :wink:

Both of which are awesome. However, I’d suggest you start off with basic java and learn about basic networking. What’s a Socket?

Looking to tackle java and Android you’d want to start familiarizing yourself with libGDX as soon as you’ve got basic java under control.

Don’t worry about KryoNet for now, iirc it’s basically a wrap around java sockets with enhanced object serialization.

Any suggestions for Java training?

Youtube ofc…

I was considering some Lynda training?

Lynda doesn’t have much. I suggest a good book like Head First Java.

I suggest Thinking in Java and java tutorial:

especially this section:

I’m slightly hesitant to recommend this guy as he doesn’t always explain things very well (I’m pretty sure he explains some things totally wrong) - but he’s likable and the videos are short and to the point. If you’re a ‘learn by doing’ kind of person (like myself) you’ll have the basics down in no time. Just make sure you go back and learn the fundamentals at some point or you might find yourself making silly mistakes as soon as you start anything complex.

The New Boston Java Tutorials

The New Boston Android Tutorials

EDIT: For some reason I didn’t catch your previous programming experience when I read the original question, apologies if my answer came off at all patronising.