NetBeans IDE 6.0 & jME CVS


A few week ago, I used a Java Monkey Engine Documentation on how to put jME on NetBeans IDE. The article is here, “”. After successfully running Java Monkey Engine Part, I go on to the jME_Physics Two part, and that’s where I run into errors. I receive from the output a lot of lines of code, and the screen shot shows what NetBeans 6.0 detects.

I have the latest everything of Java for further information.

Here’s my output:

A lot isn’t it, what did I do wrong. I might did some thing obvious, or stupid to you, but I can’t seem to find the solution. :-\

“package does not exist”

Looks like you are missing the joode library.

If you have further questions I would recommend going to the jME forums as only a very small percentage of the jME and jME-Physics users hang out here:

I did, I hoped there would some one here that could help, because now real answer there.