Need team for indie game

Hi, me and a friend are working on small project in Slick2d and we would like some help. We’re using Eclipse Kepler for code and the Saros plugin to collaborate. We are currently working on a Space themed game, we are running out of brain power and in need of help. We need someone who is good at vectors and math, someone who can make us art (Eclipse and Saros obviously not required) and audio (Eclipse and saros also not required). Here’s my skype if you need more details; ned.noodlehead.

You would most-likely only get a responce from someone interested if they can see what you have one sofar

You need to forget all your grandiose ideas and start from scratch, my friend. Make Pong, then Space Invaders, then Pac Man. You’ll know everything you need to know after those three.

Cas :slight_smile:

(Holds hand up) I didn’t make any of them and coming the long way around is a bit*h xD

(Holds both hands up) Guilty :confused:
What princec said is really really good advice, please follow it :slight_smile:

Make up your mind first about how serious you are with your request or with developing a game in general, because so far you have nothing to show for in order to convince anyone here to join you.
All people here value their spare time in which they devote themselves to the things they like, and do their own projects.
And why would anyone deviate from that to help you? Think about it. Give people some incentives to make joining you appealing for them.
The best would be to show how far you’ve come until now, and that developing a great game with you is doable. As it stands your request simply sounds like “we just began writing down our main() method or maybe can draw some rotating triangle on the screen and now some pretty textures and some music would be nice with that” - a bit provocatively speaking of course.
Also, limiting the IDE that people are required to use for Java development makes no sense unless you have developed some kick-ass Eclipse plugin which will ease game development significantly for you and your team. And saros does not count, because you can use simple XMPP or just Skype for chat/talk. And interactive code editing in the same source file is hardly ever really useful.
Otherwise, this limitation only lessens the chance of getting any positive responses here; provided you meant your request seriously.