need senior lwjgl dev to polish up some my project (~5 classes)

I really want to stop using immediate mode and create the best application possible - something I can be proud to devote all of my free evenings into instead of thinking to myself: “this isn’t a good enough foundation for the long term”. Unfortunately I have not had successful results attempting to convert my map data to VBO, and with my main job being busy again I simply have no desire to spend my virtually non existent free time playing around with trial and error anymore…
That said, I’m looking to recruit a part time lwjgl developers to help me convert a ~5 class application to use VBO, support ray casting / collision, and implement a couple shaders to smooth the visuals and create a more aesthetic foundation in which I can build on top of.

I created a little 2D tool for my game which I use to produce static map data.

My foundation is nice and clean but this is about as far as I can take it unless I quit my job :stuck_out_tongue:

I will pay a set price for all of the requests I have, or a set price per job. I don’t really care, as long as it is done in a reasonable time frame so that I can develop content using the optimized foundation :point:

Sounds like you’d be better off using LibGDX.

Most definitely, but I’m stubborn and using “just lwjgl” would make me very happy. I’ve used jPCT for a few years and produced a handful of projects with great results but now I’m trying to mitigate the use of lwjgl wrappers.
If the foundation was there I could easily tackle the game mechanics and multiplayer protocol.

[quote]but now I’m trying to mitigate the use of lwjgl wrappers.
…but aren’t you effectively paying someone to write a wrapper for you?

You’re “trying to mitigate the use of lwjgl wrappers” and at the same time can’t be bothered interfacing with LWJGL directly and want someone to write a wrapper for you.

Either use libraries or don’t use libraries.

Personally I didn’t consider a few functions and optimizations to be a wrapper, but I get it… I’m going to try out LibGDX although I would still prefer using “just LWJGL”. I know it’s not logical to want to use LWJGL without a proper understanding of some more advanced things, but I feel like I could learn more by not using full blown libraries.
As I stated previously I’ve developed a handful of games using jPCT and has great results. Multiplayer / game mechanics are what I’m best with, but using lwjgl.jar to construct a sufficient client foundation with decent mouse utilities is beyond my current understanding. :-\

Anyways, yes I’m trying out libgdx, but the offer still stands for anybody who would want to make some paypal cash by implementing a few things into my LWJGL “game”

believe me , its not a few functions , it ends up being a few classes if not more. If you would like some help with this such as wrapper functions that you can then implement I will gladly provide some minor framework but I would move to a PM for info on this if you really would like my services :persecutioncomplex:.

Perfect timing for a reply I just got paid last night :wink: Would you mind contacting me via Skype for quicker chat? name is sandbox.morpg and the display name is Minigame

You do not learn more. You learn different things.
It’s either low level graphics stuff or the complete stack required to make a game. So actually, you could say you learn more using full blown libraries.

At this point I don’t care if somebody writes a couple helper classes for me or an entire wrapper. I just want what I want, and time is limited so it’s easier to pay.