Nearing end... need couple of volunteers

Not a lot of games this year, 14, but was to be expected ::slight_smile:

I need couple of volunteers to judge the games with me so we can wrap up this year in a consistent manner. It’s going to be a easy work because of the low number of games, couple of hours tops.

I think this is the last year of the 4k contest, at least in it’s current form.

I hope 15, i just need to get my butt in gear… Real life always gets in the way!

I’ve been trying to log onto Java4k for some time now and only get " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage " or " Oops! Google Chrome could not find " What’s wrong? ??? :frowning:

Works fine when clicking the link to the site in appel’s profile:

Did you try it just now? I tried appel’s link just now. It doesn’t matter whose link I click on or how I spell it. I keep getting one of those results depending on whether I tried it with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

It appears that I only have this problem when I use my DSL modem from AT&T at home. I can log on when using my cell phone as a modem. Why would this be?

I’ll rate a couple games for you. Just shoot me an email and tell me what to do.

What are the qualifications of a judge?

I am a GAMER that is all I can say.

Someone “known”, well, active on the forums, and someone others can vouch for.

I’d be willing to give it a shot :slight_smile:

Pretty cool, consider yourself hired :smiley:

btw. I’ll only hire people based on the medal count. Joke! …
or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Contest ending at midnight!

I need 1 more judge :\

I volunteer as tribute.
When is the deadline for submitting the scores ? Because this weekend starts carnival in Brazil so I’ll be shaking my butt with a fruity hat for the next few days.

Thanks alot.

Community voting will take 2 weeks, so you have 2 weeks from midnight :slight_smile: