Naroth - 3D open world RPG

Naroth is a 3D open world, fantasy role playing game for Android.

You need at least Android 4.0 to download and play it:


You can find the game’s features on the Google Play page above. But because this is a development focused site, I’ll post some development numbers here instead:

  • 520 classs files (3D engine excluded)
  • 90 sounds
  • 9 music tracks
  • 120 3D meshes
  • 236 textures
  • 23 shaders
  • 39 quests
  • 42 NPCs
  • 29 dungeons, 1 wilderness
  • 15 subtle(?) references to games, movies, books and other stuff
  • 2 languages (english and german)
  • time to make it: 12/2011 to 2/2016 (as a spare time project)

Have fun!

Featured :point:

Congrats on the release! It looks solid. Wish I could play it.

Any further plans for the game?

I guess I’ll see how it goes. If people actually like it, I might consider to add some additional end-game stuff like an additional dungeon for high level players or something like that. But for now, I’ll take a break and only do some small fixes and spelling corrections.

Very well done! I’m glad to see you got this one out the door :slight_smile:

Super awesome job EgonOlsen, this looks great! Too bad I don’t have an android device :frowning:
Was this a solo endeavor or did you have a small team to help you?

I did the coding, the game design, the world and map building and the writing (quests and dialogs and such). But I used a lot of assets from either free or cheap sources, some models were build by members of the jPCT-community and I had a native english speaker, who did the proofreading of the english version. So it was no team effort, but it wasn’t me alone either.

You released!!! Just like that!!!


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I’ve released some updates in the past few days… :wink: Including one that works around a nasty bug in PowerVR’s shader compiler which prevented the game from running on SGX 54x, x>1 GPUs.

Because…this crashes the shader compiler:

if (angle > 0.0 && !dungeon) {

while this works fine:

if (!dungeon && angle > 0.0) {

…I just love shaders…they are so reliable… ::slight_smile:

Does it also crash if you write it like this:

if ((angle > 0.0) && (!dungeon)) {

Just wondering what causes that esoteric bug ;D

Yes, it does…but this would work fine as well:

if (!dungeon && angle > 0.0 && !dungeon) {

i guess angle is undefined when !dungeon so testing undefined > 0.0 crashes but testing !dungeon first exits before angle is touched so it’s clearly your fault :wink:

No, it’s not undefined. And even if it would…it doesn’t say that, it just exits without a proper error message (at compile time, not runtime). And it works on everything else, including SGX540 and SGX6xx, Mali, Adreno, Intel, Tegra…it’s clearly a compiler bug.

Edit: This is the line right before the failing one:

float angle = dot(normalEye, normalize(lightPositions[0] -;

…so it’s clearly not undefined… :slight_smile:

After playing for half an hour, I am impressed.

One thing I’d like is, when an enemy kills me from behind, knowing who it was. Maybe switch to overhead camera after dying?

It’s very nice, but I must say that it took me about 5 tries to finally kill that Urapi spider in the very first quest! Then I was slaughtered by the trading outpost monsters even more quickly than the spiders and I forgot to save lol.
It runs well on my Android 4.4.2 Kogan Agora 4G+.
The detail in the environment and the responsiveness of the controls surprised me. It’s quite incredible that you created this whole game by yourself.

The wolf at the trading post is much too powerful for a level 1 character. The actual trick in combat is to strike and move away…don’t stand still. If an enemy hits you, you are stunned for a short time and the attack frequency of most enemies is higher than this stun time (which can be decreased by putting some skill points into “numbness”), so standing still is usually not a good idea.

I had a another request to add a decidated “you are dead” message anyway. Maybe I can combine both ideas by printing out something like "Killed by " or something like that…I’ll put it on the TODO list.

I toyed around with it for a while, it’s a really impressive accomplishment. Looks really good, and the controls are smooth. Runs very well (and without any bugs) on my Nexus 4.

Other than that I have played it too little (not enough time…) to tell you anything more. Good work!

solid performance in my mi4, and fun game. Will try to make a more detailed review/playtest when I have some time, but you did a great job.

This is very impressive! If you don’t mind me asking, which free or cheap resources did you use for the assets?