My current project

EDIT 1: 4/5/13

About me

Hi guys! You may have seen me around the forums recently, mainly on cool projects like State of Fortune & Isotroma.
A wee bit about me first:
I’m a 15 y.o from Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been browsing these forums regularly since mid 2011, but it took me a while to be bothered making an account xD



  • .obj file loading
  • Heightmaps
  • Texture loading
  • Dynamic input interpretation


  • Use VBOs
  • Finish lighting
  • Load chunks dynamically
  • Shaders


I’ve implemented a better control-handling system and sorted the gameloop, now for collision detection.

When I was 15 years old, I read Dragonball and had bad grades in school. g I find it remarkable that you can be doing such things at that age. I wish I would have used my time better when I was 15. But it’s never too late to start, fortunately. 8)
And yes, I know that there are other young people doing stuff like this in this forum and even younger ones. :wink:

I am curious about what you will make out of your project. Let us know.

Heh, I’ve been interested in programming since a very young age. I was over the moon when my father started to teach me HTML at the age of 7 :stuck_out_tongue: I started toying with java/opengl maybe mid 2011, but project after project I’ve had some silly thing which has stopped me from getting anywhere. Now I’ve started again and actually got somewhere, it’s a massive morale boost. Luckily the failed projects has lead me to learn a lot, which I can now use :smiley:

And I think I want to get a better idea in my head of what I want to do before sharing it, but I’ll certainly write it down soon :smiley:
(but the idea has heavily influenced by Bastion, after playing that recently)

I love New Zealand. I lived there for five months once and it was a great time. I went through almost the whole country except Auckland lol

Why don’t you try to limit the frame rate to 60 fps? I feel like forcing the program to consume all of your CPU isn’t really worth it at all. It looks pretty interesting right now, the colors are very interesting.

The colours are just there so I can see the tiles without any lighting set up xD
I’ve now got a second (tick) thread running with the game-loop now, so no mega calculations are being done. I also want to see how the FPS changes as I add/remove certain optimizations and features.

I’m currently working on a bit of interpolation for the movements between tiles, as right now I’m just getting the height of the nearest vertex to see how high I should be xD
Luckily I’ve got a 5-day weekend this week, so I should get a fair bit done then :smiley:

I expect no more than great things from you! :wink:


High expectations!

Hehe, thanks a bunch.

Today I got my math-enabled friend to make me some nice collision equations. So tonight I’m going to be implementing them :smiley:

Argh, finally implemented the bi-linear interpolation algorithm he gave me. Took a bit of work to get working, but it does now.

Does anyone know how I would go about figuring out where I clicked on a screen and translating that to a face in game? I’m not sure how I would go about that.
The idea is to have diablo-like movement.

For now I only know how to do this out of a first person perspective for axis aligned bounding boxes.

It works by sending out a ray and then checking if it hits the box. Then you can get back a normal of the surface (not implemented in my code though!!) and the parameter of the length of the ray at the point where it hit the box.

Here is my implemented code. It is right out of my source, so there might be weird comments or stuff because I am too lazy to go through it again. :wink: But one hint: the getMin(X) and getMax(Y) methods give back the coordinates of the ends of the box on the specified axes.

Other than that I am just not experienced enough to know anything else. :slight_smile: I am not even sure if it helps you, someone else will put this right, I hope.

I’ve hardly been able to seriously work on this in the past few weeks, due to a sudden end-of-term teacher freak out where they all realized we hadn’t done what we’d needed to for the term. But that’s over for the next 2 weeks of holiday, in which I plan to work on this a whole lot more.

Textures and .OBJ loading done!

Hey, nice! It’s living! :smiley:

So this is a good step forward. I haven’t been able to get .OBJ loaded. But I haven’t really been working on it. This is something I will do sometime in the not so very near future.

Keep the thread up to date if you do something new. :slight_smile:

Looking cool!

This helped me

I have no idea where this project will take me right now, I had ideas but really they would all need good artistry, something I lack :confused:

And I don’t imagine 3d artists are the cheapest of ordeals.

The starting of lighting:

Still need to work out normals for the heightmap.

The starting of lighting:

Still need to work out normals for the heightmap.