Must have Software for Game Creation

Hello JGO, I am here to tell you about, in my opinion, of the must-have software for game creation of any sort. I will provide links to the software beside the titles.


Notepad++ (
The bare basics for code editing. Not recommended for serious programmers.

Eclipse (
What I and a lot of developers like me use.

Netbeans (
Like Eclipse, but developed by Oracle.

IntelliJ (
If you don’t like either Eclipse or Netbeans, you could try this, in some ways superior, IDE


Paint.NET (
Sort of like Photoshop, but doesn’t cost $700.

Like Paint.NET

Pro Motion (
I am sorry, but I have never used this software, though I’ve heard it’s worth trying out!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this list of software, and if you have any questions or feedback, personal message me.
Have a nice day.