Music player for 4k games

If anyone is interested in how the music player for PORT4K looks the source is available here:

Included in the zip is the tracker and player ( which together with a song compresses to about 800 bytes.

Each track in the synth can be configured for one ‘instrument’, which is:
sine/square or noise oscillator.
delay loop.
volume and pitch in base 16.

It’s very important to understand that the instrument transpose is in base 16.
Which means that to shift one octave you enter 16, two octaves 32. This also
means that 12,13,14,15 is not used and will cause the player to crash.

Anyway, I’ve been working pretty hard to get the size down and still try to retain a lot of features. If you need even smaller synth I suggest you remove the wave tables and stick with only one wave form.

Thanks for sharing the code :slight_smile:

Here’s the repo at bitbucket: