multiple instances of 1 object

Hi, I’m trying to create a large number of instances of 1 object (a sphere).
I know I can use a SharedGroup for the object. But it needs to be transformed to a large number of places as well. Is there an easy solution for this as there is in Open GL for instance, where you can just draw the same object multiple times?

Thanks in advance


Just keep in mind that Java3D 1.6.0 won’t benefit of huge enhancements in a near future, it doesn’t benefit of mesh instancing for example (unlike Ardor3D 1 and JMonkeyEngine 3). I think you can use SharedGroup but you’ll need some node not in these instances in order to use different transforms. You can achieve something very similar to what I do in my game, the same soldier appears in different places but I use the same geometry. You should ask your question on the dedicated section of our forum, Harvey would probably be able to give you a more accurate answer: