Multiplayer Tutorial Series.

After spending hours putting together a server and testing numerous things, I’m ready to create a tutorial series for members to create their own multiplayer Java game, this tutorial series will eventually branch off and get into more advanced things such as authorative servers, server-sided collision, and other things, however we’re starting small.

These tutorials are in video format, I was told if I was to embed my first video that it would be alright to post here, so that’s what I’ll do.

We will be writing the server throughout the first few videos, if I don’t explain something good enough, please let me know and I’ll be happy to re-address something.

I have uploaded the server to clean-files for download, if you simply didn’t want to type out the entire server (The first 5-6 videos), you can download this at the following link:
^The above link does require you to fill out a survey for download, however it’s not like “CashLinks”, you actually recieve your file. I’m doing this simply has a way of income, as I’m going through a really, really tough time and every penny helps. If you don’t want to type it out, you can download it, or if you want to just tell me “Thanks” or “Donate” towards me, downloading from the link above would be greatly appreciated. Downloading this file is NOT required. Everything will be addressed through the tutorials.


PlayList Link:

I have just released video 3 which goes into setting up the server to send/recieve data, we also created a test-client in this episode to show the data being recieved. The next video is going to be about creating the packet system.

Videos updated! Video 4, 5, 6 and 7 are currently being uploaded! Sorry for the delays!

Video 8 is being rendered.

Hey I don’t know if you will read this but you really Ned to continue this tutorial it would help so many people in my opinion because I’ve been searching ll over the internet to find valuable resources on this and there isn’t many. So I would sure hope u could restart or continue this.