Moving site to read only

Activity is so low on this site now so I think it’s about time to move it to read only mode.

I’ll be doing this at the end of January


I’m against your suggestion even though I admit that the activity seems to be very low.

I would prefer to keep going. If a decision is made to shut down, I’d like to at least have an alternative forum or meeting place up and running before doing so.

I will post a last message with some alternative locations people can meet.

I will add some discord locations that I know of.

If people have some other suggestions I can add those too, as long as they are related to java gaming development.

Please can you provide a mean of downloading the content of the forum? I imagine that it might fall one day or another whereas it contains valuable information.

It would be nice to have some sort of time estimate as to when you plan to do this.

Also, would it be possible to hand over the keys to someone else instead of converting the site to read-only?

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I mentioned end of Jan as the planned time to move to read only.

The site is backed up and I will get an offline copy too so it won’t be lost.

If someone wishes to take over everything they would need to take over the server costs (unless @princec is ok to continue pay for it) , running of the tech back end and the domain.

To be honest though only two people have commented on the plan to make read only which shows how much the site is actually being used.

It is pretty much dead as a doornail. It only costs like $10 a month to keep going though. Making it read-only won’t really cost any less.

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Sad to see. Thanks for running it all this time.
What alternative place does everybody visit or maintain a presence? I’d love to keep in contact with you all. Good memories, and who knows what the future will hold!

PS: About the cost of keeping it going read-only, RackNerd VPS is 20$/yr, might help keep costs a little lower. I’ll pay the fees but don’t have time for the maintenance or migration sorry.

PPS: Is anybody doing the global game jam this January? It’s not running in Sydney this year which is a pity…

There is a discord that quite a few people who used to post here a lot are on and for those that use lwjgl there is a discord for that too. I’m sure there are other places for too but I don’t know them. Happy to collate them all together for a final post. But there are also other more general ones such as the Game Dev discord, Graphics Programming discord and the vulkan discord. But no need to link to those

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As someone who registered in 2007 but has only managed to post about once a year since then I figure I have better get this years post in early :slight_smile:

Seriously though I enjoyed lurking here and learnt a great deal from the conversations that took place. I also tried to write a 4K game when applets were a thing but struggled to get pong working. I could really appreciated the skill required to create some of the games people managed to produce.

It was sad to see the forum slowly dying and obviously as a lurker I shoulder some of the responsibility, that and I stopped coding in Java so visited left often. Discord does seem to be the place to be but it can feel a bit like a fire hose that doesn’t encourage more considered discussion. Not bad just different, I will be interested if anyone knows of any old school game dev forums that are still active as I struggle to think of any. Just at the moment my new resolution was to get back into game dev.

For a lurker I have written enough! Thanks for all those who participated and especially thanks to those who took on the admin and costs of this site.

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Wauw I just encountered someone from JGO on reddit by accident. I thought I’d check how the forum is doing. Now I see I’m just in time to make my last comment. :slight_smile:
Sad though, this is even the forum where Minecraft was born!

I’d say a JGO discord server is a chill way to stay in touch. Be sure to post an open invite somewhere on this forum.