[Mostly Completed / Shelved Indefinitely] [Android] Marble Run

Title: Marble Run
Latest Stable Build: Alpha 0.6c (Final)
Minimum Requirements: Android 2.1 and up. Requires accelerometer.



This is an Android game, created for my Computer Science project. It uses the accelerometer sensor inside Android smartphones and devices to interact and play. The accelerometer controls a red ball. Tilting and turning your device will make the ball to move around.

How to play:

To play, hold your device parallel to a table or a floor. Slowly tilt the device towards the direction where you wanted to go to, until you see the ball starts moving. Collect coins on your way to earn points for your score. Try to get the ball to the hole to advance to the next stage.

More information (Known Issues, etc.) here:

This work is Apache Licensed.