"Most played" doesn't seem to include 2009 results

Left 4k Dead has been played some 15k times, but it isn’t on the most played list on the front page. :open_mouth:

This gives me an excuse to change the front page to list top games of each year.

I’ll fix this somehow.


I’ll be updating the site this month for the 4k Demo contest. This will be included.

[quote]4k Demo contest
The what?

4k demo contest?

I’ve updated the front page to include top 10 games of 2009.

Looks great! Although the “Most played games ever” list is still incorrect. ::slight_smile:

Yeah, it still doesn’t include 2009 :frowning:

(If it did, I’d have THREE entries in the most played list. ;D)

Well, we wouldn’t want you to hog the entire main page :wink:

I’ve fixed it.