Morning Dash 4k

Hey everybody,

so, here’s my first 4k game. And what should I say, it was a great experience developing a game with this limitation :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy it and that everything works fine.

Like every morning you got up too late and missed your bus.
With the sole difference that today the bus wasn’t your schoolbus but one of thousands of space-arks used to evacuate the Earth
after Martians attacked it to filch all the trees since they ran out of them on Mars once wooden furniture became the latest trend.
So grab your hoverboard and climb up the falling debris of destroyed spaceships to catch up your ark.

Z/Y: Jump
DOWN: Fall faster
Double jump and wall jump possible.

I liked it! a little glitchy, like sometimes I would go right through the blocks :P. but aside from that well made :).

just curious, why is jump z/y? cant it be space or somethign more intuitive?

Thanks for the comment.
Yeah, there might be some situations where you fall unintentionally through a block (jumping right before one or falling down at full speed) but I had this problem extremely rarely so I didn’t fix it.
But if you’re holding to the border of a block you can jump upwards, away from it or, well, “through” it. So if it’s that what you mean it’s not a glitch, it’s a feature :wink:

And about z/y: OK, that’s probably out of habit since I play mostly shoot’em ups on the computer and there z/y is the standard key for shooting. Besides I like that position since you can have your hands further apart.

Completed it in 400 seconds but that still wasn’t enough to save the universe it seems…
I didn’t realise the object of the game was to climb at first heh.

Completed it in some 200 seconds - clearly not enough. Cool game! :slight_smile:

Given how much effort you’ve put into making the background look nice, perhaps the black squares deserve a little love? :>

Looks great though.

136.6 seconds :frowning:
I took a little while to get used to the physics but after that it was quite enjoyable . It ran at 30 fps but it was enough to look smooth .
good job !

Cool game! 8)

Nice game, and great gfx too! I found it pretty difficult - although that might reflect on my lack of platforming skillz :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

Yeah, I tried to make the black squares a little bit prettier but in the end I found the simple black design better, so I left it that way^^

That’s good, 30 fps is what it’s supposed to run at. First I had it at 60 but my netbook didn’t manage that and so I was glad when I realized that it runs smooth enough at 30 fps too.

Hooray, a 4k game this year that runs okay on Mac.

I found it fun, although it seemed like I really wasn’t in control enough to ensure victory (it was mostly random). Maybe having like 1 or 2 mid-air boosts in between blocks would be good, or gliding, or something like that.

Ah, I’m glad to hear that it runs on a Mac :slight_smile:

About the controls: I wanted to give it a slight “low-gravity-feeling” so it might feel a bit weird at the beginning. If it’s too hard to get used to it I might consider to make it more usual.
But what exactly do you mean with the mid-air boost? Because a double jump is possible right now, so you can jump once more when you’re in the air. I’ve just tried to add another jump but then it gets too easy. I could practically jump straight upwards all the time and cleared it in 60 seconds.