Hello everybody,

I just submitted my first game ever made.
Hope somebody likes it.

here it comes :point:

[applet archive=game.jar class=G.class width=800 height=600]

or link:

The applet isn’t working :confused:

I see… Mmhh could any of the admins fix the pseudo html tag. I dont know why this does not work. Thank you

Don’t worry, Kronos, your applet worked fine ( at least for me ) at your site. opiop65 just meant that you embedded it uncorrectly in your first message here.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I can’t do much to help you to correct it.

And concerning your game, well, I found it original and quite interesting. My only regret was the lack of challenge. On my first try, I didn’t understand anything so I slowly died. Then I read the instructions, and went to level 10 without any problem on my second try. I stopped to play intentionally so I could come back here and write this message.

How to make it more challenging without changing it too much ? Well, I found this vampire disturbingly oppressing yet rather unoffensive. You may slow him, proportionally to the cloud meter or not, and he could also deal much more damages.

Hey thanks for your comment. The more clouds are covering the moon the lesser is the strength of every hit. So the cloud meter reprents also damage strength in some way

The archive tag should only refer to a JAR you uploaded to JGO using the “My Files” feature on the JGO menu.

And accessing external resources is technically against the rules, although I’m sure you didn’t mean to

Sorry guys. Now it works! :slight_smile: