Moo4k [Completed]

So I thought I’d make a turn-based strategy game, as I haven’t seen much of that kind of game in the contest. Moo4k is a stripped-down space strategy game, more like a board game in that you get one action a turn.

Play it here

(Detailed manual further down that page.)


So complex and feature packed!!! I love it!!
Can be a bit confusing to get going at first but the more you play, the better you get ;D

Is the game supposed to end anytime soon? :wink:
All my planets got captured and the game kept going on and on. There should be a Quit button, if you can fit it in.

Great job!!

EDIT: I think you win the prize for longest time to play an online game. :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT2: You should make it harder to raid and be raided. Maybe make raiding harder the more defences you have.
EDIT3: Is it possible to move your fleet to another planet?

I’m glad you like it. I’m afraid it’s within a few bytes of 4096, so while those two would be very useful additions, they don’t fit without some re-engineering.

I am writing a cleaned-up version of it that supports proper multiplayer and some more stuff though. :slight_smile:

I would love the play the multiplayer version with some friends! Make sure to post the link ;D

That was great :slight_smile:


Very well done, but I found it too hard. Once I get to about 4 or 5 planets the other players are already everywhere else and easily take over my planets.

Really? I found it too easy :stuck_out_tongue:
Once I got the hang of it, I easily won every single game I played.


  1. Raid and tax a lot!
  2. Build up defenses as much as possible when you invade and capture a planet.
  3. Try to invade planets with that color’s fleet on it since half of their fleet is destroyed upon the invasion.

Holy… I loved it. So much nice gameplay in such a small package. Good job!

ra4king has got it pretty much perfect strategy-wise. :slight_smile: I would only add to that that it’s a lot cheaper to colonise than to invade, so at the start of the game, rapidly colonise anything that isn’t Poor or Barren, and fortify each planet just after colonisation - as otherwise the computer will grab it from you.

The other thing worth mentioning is that the formula for how many ships you lose when attacking means that if you want to lose no ships at all, the number of attacking ships must be three times the number of the defences. (Planetary defences plus any fleet present.) And you can lose up to half your ships when attacking, so don’t get into too many narrowly won battles, or you’ll spend all your time rebuilding your fleet.

Actually, from the many games I played, fortifying your current planet first is important, THEN colonize since if you colonize too much, you will not be able to afford defenses and your planets will be snapped up quickly by the enemies ;D

Really cool game, a bit way to easy, but i enjoyed playing it. Just a question: Do you have a less cleaned up version somewhere? I tooked a look into the source and its damn hard to read :slight_smile: I really like to improove it a bit for my own, so…


Source code? Where? I wanna take a look at it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Javadecompiler produces a quite near to the original code. This does not include the Variablenames and also the Comments are missing, but it helps to understand the application.


I’ve submitted the source code along with the game, so the code will be be available shortly. Not that it will look much different than the decompiled code, I fear.

How do you decompile the game?


This is simple, extract the .class file from the jar (or if you have a pack’ed version use unpack200 for extracting) and load the file with this tool:

There are some other decompilers available, but their result is less reliable and readable.


Wow thanks!

As promised, here’s the source:


(Have fixed up the indentation to be less mountainous.)