The news from India about the monsoon is terrible.

I feel frightened and sad for those who have to suffer through it, and for what may come in the aftermath. How will people who have lost homes and need sheltering simultaneously guard themselves against COVID-19 infection?

My best wishes for members of this site who live in the affected areas, and for their families and friends!

I just saw on the news about the flooding in Michigan too, I guess two dams broke, and they had to use a high school gym or something for the vulnerable (most really old people) to sleep on makeshift cots to ensure they were not risking getting the virus. I can’t even imagine having this pandemic happening and then you’re house gets ruined too, just as a cherry on top of not being able to leave your house in the first place, then basically having to sleep on the floor of a high school gym. I wish I could do more to help others like those in India and everywhere else.