Monetise your game in a unique and new way!

It will offer game developers a chance to substantially monetise and earn money with their games in a new and unique way. We are selecting capable game developers to which we can give out free accounts to try and to receive feedback for.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in and will benefit you, as it will include making money from you games

Feel free to post links to any games you have created below, as we can look through these to select candidates. Equally, feel free to send us a message.

We plan to be in regular contact with you, so that we can monitoring your earnings through our platform. :slight_smile:

Sounds legit! Thank you very much for transperancy and an extensive explanation of your business model :slight_smile:

Sorry if it’s not clear. I’m trying to balance not giving too much away before we have a copyrighted model, with getting developers ready to try out a new product - tough one…

Currently we’re finishing up the product. We’re a few weeks from beta launch. I’ll post more info on this thread once we have everything up and running. I just wanted to gather some names of developers who would be interested in new opportunities, as I’d love to officially reach out once this becomes public. The general idea from what I can say so far is that it involves APIs that we are creating, that will integrate with existing games and games in development. They will be compatible with multiple games engines and coding languages.

I hope this helps some more than the original thread :slight_smile:

Not sure why you are even trying to reach out on a public forum if you don’t actually have any public information.
If you want to contact developers, you should reach out to developers personally (email, linked-in, etc) as this makes it just seem and sound like another scheme that most likely won’t go anywhere or make developers any money as 999 out of 800 do – no typo :wink:

Failing is still better than doing nothing, most of us will fail to some extent as well :). Other than that I agree, that information is scarce, I would not participate in some project without knowing a thing about it, especially when it says “we are selecting capable developers”, but actually why should I select your service at all (a “great opportunity” pitch does not sound convincing enough :P)?

Sorry guys. In all honesty I’m very new to this and I was told to use forums as a way to connect - since this post I’ve been using telegram etc and it’s been a lot more successful.

I don’t really know where to look for developers which is part of the problem, but if you were interested it’d be cool to get an email off you! I’m not a spammer so be rest assured :stuck_out_tongue:

I get there’s not a lot of info here… We have a beta expected to be up and running around the 16th! So I’m just trying to find anyone at this point who may be interested. But I promise you I will not harvest your money and organs haha! If you can trust me enough to allow me to give you information when I have more to give, then I will not let you down!

what is this? can you explain to me more? ???
well you can message me back to back in this site. :point: