Mole Mole 2 [MSX]


This is my first submission and probably the only one, no more free time to submit games.

First of all, I’d like to thanks everyone in this forum that helped me answering my questions. Special thanks to zeroone, m.e. and pjt33. Sharing information and knowledge is the best product of this competition and everyone wins with it.

Okay, this is a remake of an old MSX game called Mole Mole 2. MSX was on old computer that was very popular here in Brazil during the 80’s and 90’s.

Here is a screen shot:

And here is the the link to the game:

The game is pretty straightforward, you have to collect all fruits and exit the maze. You can go up only using the stairs. The rocks fall when the player passes below it. It resembles Boulderdash a little. Currently I have put 5 levels.

P.S: I forgot my user/passwd at and need it to submit my game.

I run Riven’s compression tool and got a file named Can I submit this file? I can’t put this in an applet html tag, right? I think it won’t work. So, should I submit two files? A jar that can run the game (probably above 4k) and a packed version under 4k?

Save the file to disk as something like molemole.jar.pack.gz and upload it. In the applet tag, put archive=“molemole.jar”. And let Appel fix it if there are problems :wink: (Seriously, he does say on the submission page that he will).

You can subhmit the pack.gz file. You will need to modify the applet code you type in when you make your submission to use this. I’m sure Appel will help you out and fix any problems there. Got to go to work now…

thanks! I was able to submit the game:

any comments about it? It’s still missing the mini map to see the whole level, I’ll do that as soon as possible, and also add some more levels.

Update: Added mini-map (press spacebar)

Update: Added more levels. Now we have 10 levels

has anyone already finished all levels? ::slight_smile:

I have submitted my source code in java4k site, but I was not able to see it. Should only logged users able to get the source code?