Mobile or tablet app

I keep thinking… Wouldn’t it be great if I could get a notification as soon someone says something on JGO…

Why not atleast an android app? Because that uses Java am Im guessing the creators of this site knows Java (because it would be weird if they didn’t…)

Does anybody else think this?

EDIT: sry, didn’t know I already posted this… Only 1 byte memory in my head ;D

Why two threads? In the same board no less? EDIT: nvm

Riven’s stance on “mobilizing” the forum was been made clear:

You could try something yourself, or you could set the email notifications in your profile settings and direct them to a filtered gmail, which will buzz your phone.

Is there a way to get a notification for every single post or new topic? Not just the ones I create, post on or subscribe to?

You could click “Notify” on each of the boards.

Latch on to the RSS feed:;type=rss2;limit=50

I actually don’t know how to use RSS… I will have to search it up…

I can’t seem to find any iOS app…