missing 3d-model (problem with OpenGL 4.4)

Hey folks,

i am pretty new to java and 3d rendering.
At work we encountered a problem, that the 3d model is missing after some time. We use AWT (abstract window toolkit) and Java3D in combination with OpenGL.
With the graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 400 supporting OpenGL 3.3 everything is fine. But with the Quadro 410 and 600 supporting OpenGL 4.4 the problem occures.

Switching to Direct3D solves this problem, but makes troubles with various side effects.

I saw the foward context for each and every version of OpenGL and so i wonder if i can select version 3.3 for the newer graphics cards. Is there a way to do so?
Maybe its enough to increase some memory option.

Please bother me for furter information!

Thanks in advance,