Missile Command 4K (26/02/2010) One more update

Well I finally got around to making a game. It is not complete yet, but it is playable. Although for some reason it runs a lot faster in a web page than the appletviewer so it might be really hard right now because of the speed. I have a lot of room left so I hope I can add sound and the alien ships.

From the Java4K sitehttp://www.java4k.com/index.php?action=games&method=view&gid=295

All comments welcome.


You might have added that ASD are the keys to press :slight_smile:

You weren’t joking!
It takes about 1/2 a second from the missiles entering the screen, to them hitting the ground :o

lol, what am I supposed to do ??? ;D

Isn’t that obvious? Saving the world by pressing A, S and D.

:stuck_out_tongue: Oops, forgot to put the controls. As Riven said use A, S and D to fire and the mouse to aim. I’ll probably add the option to use the 3 mouse buttons for those who have 3.

Fixed the speed issue. Also added mouse button support.

I like it ;D

To me it doesn’t feel quite right.
Perhaps the explosions don’t persist long enough, or their expansion/contraction rate is linear when it should be something else?

Perhaps i’m just remembering the original differently; now where did I put my maim roms…

I love missile command. Level 101, 2600000 plus score, 6 cities still intact. Works well with touchpad :slight_smile: Decided to stop.

It would be even better with increasing difficulty level. Is there room for multihead missiles? The annoying ones that split into multiple warheads if you don’t zap them in time. That always tended to finish me off as I couldn’t anticipate the new trajectories in time.

wow, great game :).

would be nice to have a pause function…

Level 101, I had trouble at level8

Level 101 is a little higher than I thought people could get. I do cap the enemy missiles at 45 so you always have enough to take them on. Maybe I will remove that. I’ll also look at adding the splitters.


Should be able to add a pause.


Added pause. Press space bar to pause.

Change the amount of missiles in higher levels to make it harder.

Added splitting missiles.

Ah, Much harder now. Those splitters are wiping me out nicely.
Also using much faster computer (Core Duo W7) this time and the game runs like lightning. I need to try again with my slower computer (PowerPC OSX).

Much better. :slight_smile: I can defend one city indefinitely though. Maybe make a missile hitting one of the silos take all its ammo? Currently its not worth even shooting the missile down, since the ammo cost is the same.

that is actually not true. cause if you caues a chain reaction it will save you bullets :wink:

I think the starting difficulty is way too high now and the ramp up isn’t much. It’s like Missile Command hardore :wink:

Really? I found the missile command missiles move faster at the begining than mine does. Also the real one only gives you 30 shots.

Thanks for your input.

Now if you get shot in one of your missile silos you lose 5 shots. This should give you more incentive to defend them.

I now speed up the enemy missiles slightly on each level. Eventually you won’t be able to stop them.