Menu demo.

Just made a little video of my menu as a bit of a demo, thought you guys might like to see it.

Is this for android app? If so then you might want to give some indication of a menu item bounding rectangle so users can better use their fingers (or fat fingers like mine :stuck_out_tongue: )

If it is for PC then my taste is for much smaller scaling effects… but that is probably just my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just constructive criticism, please don’t take this to heart or anything.

The menu is rather dull, so you might want to add pretty effects and what not. Possibly like floating dollars in the background or something? The scaling looks kinda weird too. I personally think it gets too big. Just be sure to consider the fact the opening menu is really going to show the players right off how much work you put into the game as a whole most of the time, so if it looks smashed together like this, you risk them turning it off before even giving it a try.


Your menu is quite simple but I don’t think that a menu reflects the general effort someone puts into a game unlike SkyAphid. For example, Quake 3 has a very simple menu, it doesn’t mean that the whole game is bad. If I were you, I would just change the background or the foreground color of the menu item over the mouse.

Looks good, 10x better than Skyrims menus.

Looks a bit like Metro. Not too bad.

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys.

It is for PC, so yeah, I will get onto making the scaling smaller. Definitely looking to release v3.0 this weekend or next, although I’m right in the middle of exams season, so most likely to be doing summer of code this summer :).

Great to see all the feedback, thanks once again.

That scaling effect looks cool! Nice job with it ;D

So I updated the menus and I’ve actually made a bit more progress with it

You can see the updates video here: